Refer a friend promotion

We know you love what we do, so we want to reward you when you spread the word.

This Promotion (the “Promotion”) allows current active Spice members to earn a referral reward (the “Reward”). It’s easy: the person you refer needs to sign up for Spice Social using a referral form. The referred member needs to pay a minimum of three months. If your referral does not fully meet the criterion, you will not be paid the Reward. The payment can be made through a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription, which will benefit from the published discounts. This promotion is open all year round.

Who is eligible for this referral scheme?

Anyone who has received an invitation from us and is an active paid-up member is eligible.

What do you need to do to earn your reward?

To earn a Reward, you must receive an email invite from us or use the Refer and Earn page on the website under memberships and invite someone to sign up to Spice Social.

Inviting someone to join Spice is easy. Just open the email you received about this promotion and tap on the refer and earn button or fill in the form on the website and click on the refer and earn button. You can invite friends from anywhere in the UK. It doesn’t have to be where you live. There is no maximum amount of people you can refer. The amount of the reward you will be paid is fifteen pounds (£15) per person in vouchers to be spent on events.

What does the person you refer need to do for you to earn the Reward?

They must be open a Spice membership and pay a minimum of three months’ instalments either by direct debit or credit card. This means that:

They must sign up for a Spice membership for the first time (Someone who has previously signed up will not be eligible unless they have not been a Spice member for more than five years.)

Signing up means completing the signup process and paying a three-months subscription. If the invitee fails to do this, you will not be eligible for your award.

You will not be paid a reward (or may have a reward that has been previously paid reversed) if your invitee reverses one of the steps after taking it. For example, if they close their Spice Social account or cancel/refund before their three months period ends.

If the referred member pays the three months subscription either quarterly or annually, you will receive your reward within 10 working days.

If the referred member pays monthly, you will receive your reward within 10 working days of the third payment.

What you need to know?

  1. At our sole discretion, we may suspend, terminate, or change these terms and conditions without notice.
  2. This referral scheme is a one-sided campaign, where only the referrer (not the referred) can be awarded the reward.
  3. The reward will be paid to the referrer’s principal account balance as a voucher towards an event.
  4. The reward will be credited to the referrer’s principal account balance after the signup of the referee their payment of the three months.
  5. To be eligible for a reward, you must meet all these terms and conditions and all the terms and conditions that apply to your account.
  6. These promotion terms and conditions form an agreement between the referrer and Spice UK, which provides you with your account. You can contact your local coordinator if you have any questions or complaints about this promotion.
  7. This promotion is governed by English law, and the courts of England and Wales have exclusive jurisdiction to determine any dispute relating to it.