General Questions

Spice Social is a social and activity club for adults. We understand that friendship may mean different things to different people, but that need never goes away as we age. Our aim is to help you find friendship and enjoy shared interests. Once you join us you can access hundreds of events nationwide. Spice Social caters to adults of all ages and is friendly, fun, and inclusive. As a Spice Social member, you’ll meet new people, make new friends, and expand your social circle in a way you’ve never imagined. Most of our members are single but there are also plenty of couples some of who met through Spice, so you never know who you might meet!

We arrange countless local and national activities, from rambles in the countryside, to delicious group meals and days out on adventure activities. We even offer weekends away and a worldwide holiday programme. All the events are fully organised and hosted, so all you have to do is choose what you want to do, make a booking, and turn up! Spice Social will handle everything else for you.

For region specific information, you can download an enquiry pack from any of our group pages. Alternatively, we have a more generic brochure that offers lots more information to help you get to know Spice and decide if we’re what you’re looking for. If there’s something our brochure hasn’t covered, or if you have any further questions for us, please feel free to contact our friendly team. We’ll be more than happy to help you!

There are lots of online dating sites out there, but none of these truly caters to the needs of mature adults quite like Spice Social. As people age, their needs, wants and desires evolve and become very different from what they were. Unfortunately, modern dating sites are built around the same assumptions and modelled on how young people date and look for love. What’s more, the vast majority are white-labelled solutions, meaning that they are all different branded versions of the same product. This is not so bad in itself, but it does mean that each site, no matter how small, is filled with a large proportion of the same characters, who aren’t necessarily honest about who they are or what they’re looking for. In the worst cases, some of these are scammers looking to exploit vulnerable, lonely adults. We’ve been told dozens of stories from our members about being scammed on other sites.

This is why we don’t call Spice Social a dating site. Sure, many of our members go on dates, but we’re much more than that. You get to see the ‘real’ person, no masks or filters, plus everyone is just enjoying themselves. We cater for people looking for all types of relationships, or who simply want to enjoy some social outings. One of our biggest differences is that so much of what happens in the Spice community is created by the wonderful contributions of our members. We think this difference is very important!

Friendship includes the entire spectrum of introducing someone new into your life! This can mean a friend who also likes to go walking, a casual dinner date (which may or may not turn into something more), or even a fellow traveller who wants to visit the same places and share a room to save money. To us, friendship covers friends, marriage, and everything in between.

Spice Social is currently available across the UK. It is important to note that if Spice Social is only getting started in your area, we can arrange – and are actively seeking – hosts to help us complement the gaps.

Spice Social offers single and joint memberships, both of which can be selected on either a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. A single membership costs £15 monthly, £36 quarterly, or £99 annually. A joint membership costs £23 monthly, £54 quarterly, or £189 annually. We also offer a range of benefits and rewards which can be accumulated over the span of your membership and can actually make you membership free if you use all of them and are on an annual membership! For more information, please visit our memberships page.

You can register for Spice by visiting our memberships page and following the details provided. Alternatively, you can enjoy a free trial by either visiting one of our Pub Socials, with or without an existing Spice Social member or by contacting our team with your details.

A joint membership allows you to save money and enjoy the benefits of Spice Social by signing up as a pair. Whether you are friends, a married couple, or a legally recognised partner, all can apply for a joint membership, but you’ll need to share a postal address.

Of course you can! You are more than welcome you to try Spice Social as a guest to see if you like what we have to offer. We allow you to attend up to three events before we ask you to make a decision about whether or not Spice Social is for you. As a guest, you will pay a slightly higher price than a member for a ticketed event, but the experience on the event will be exactly the same. You could even try one of our Pub Socials which are totally free – you just pay for your drinks.

Of course! We invite couples of all persuasions who are looking for non-romantic activity partners. If you are married and are looking for an activity companion, you can find one with Spice Social. We have many members who have spouses who can no longer go out to dinner or go skiing, etc and they would like to find a companions to do this with.

Yes, the more the merrier! You can bring the same friend up to three times before we ask them to consider joining Spice themselves.

When you sign up on a free trial you are joining as a fully-fledged member of Spice Social. This means that if you decide to continue, all the paperwork is out of the way when you decide to stay on.

You to cancel your membership at any time either through your personal dashboard, or you can let us know by emailing your local group and we will sort this for you. We will be sad to see you go, but our door will always be open should you wish to return at any time. Any pre-paid membership can still be used for any events until the membership period ends. Any bookings you have made that are beyond your your membership period will be cancelled and payments made will be forfeit in accordance with our event booking conditions or holiday booking conditions.

If you book a ticketed event, such as a theatre trip, this is non-refundable unless we can sell your ticket. If we do manage to sell your ticket, you will be liable for a 20% management fee. Deposits for weekends are, unfortunately, non-refundable.

Simply log in to the app or website and visit the events page. You can search for events by interest, date, what’s on in the next seven days, what’s new, or what’s in your area.

The easiest and quickest way to book is online through our website, but if you are old school and prefer to speak to someone, or you have some questions you can call your local coordinator to book over the phone. If you are still thinking about an event, you also have the option to add it to your wish list but nothing is held for you), or if the event is full, you can choose to go on a waitlist. As a member and when logged in to the website you can also see who is attending the event and can even email them in advance to arrange a prior meeting point.

You have total control of your bookings and can cancel events via both the online portal and or over the phone if preferred. Please note that your cancellation may involve cancellation charges as detailed in the event booking conditions

We always advise that you pick an activity you know you will enjoy, though we also host a range of “find out more” social evenings for new and prospective members.

Stepping into the unknown can be scary, and attending your first event can be one of those times. Spice Social is here to welcome you and ensure that the first event goes smoothly. The host will text, email, or call you the day before the event, to check that everything is okay. Additionally, the host can meet you outside the event so that you don’t have to go in alone. We are here to help and are happy to ease that transition into making memorable friendships!

We are an adult group only, so anyone of 18 years and above is most welcome to join. There is no upwards age limit, so when you join, you can be secure in the knowledge that your membership continues for as long as you wish to remain a member. The age group varies from region to region, and may also depend on the type of event you decide to book. We don’t like setting age parameters as we find this can be limiting!

Spice Social is currently available via the web, where we support all modern browsers (Chrome, Edge and Safari). We also have a Spice Social app for both iOS and Android, which can be accessed downloaded and used on mobile devices.

Where do we begin! Spice Social offers a huge variety of events, both locally and nationally. This includes sports and fitness events to help you stay fit, with groups available for all ages and abilities. We also provide a plentiful supply of hobby activities, so you can meet like-minded individuals to get involved in – things you’re passionate about. If you’re more laid back and just want to meet some new faces or enjoy some nice evenings out, we offer plenty of group rambles, pub nights,  meals out and cinema evenings to choose from. If you fancy trying something different or unique, you’ll probably want to attend some of our wide array of adventure activities including white water rafting, abseiling and skydiving (to name just a few!). If you have a taste for travel, we can offer you a fantastic selection of weekends away, as well as access to our worldwide holiday programme. If you’re looking to meet some new faces from the comfort of your own home, you’ll love our online events, such as our online pub quizzes or our relaxing online group chats (best enjoyed with some tea and biscuits or a glass of wine, depending on your tastes!). No matter your age, location or interests, you can rest assured that we’ve got something for you! We also welcome suggestions, so if there’s an event or activity that you’d like to see in the programme, we’d love to hear from you!

Best of all, all of our events are organised for you, with a friendly host present to make sure that you always have a fantastic time! We also have public liability insurance for an extra little peace of mind. Spice Social also has an exciting rewards programme, so you could earn back the price of your membership as well as a range of extra benefits, simply by turning up to events.

If you’re looking to meet like-minded people and make new friends in a relaxed and informal environment, we truly believe we’re the best place you can go! We hope to see you at an event soon!

The membership fees cover the cost of running the group. It also gives you peace of mind to know that all the events are organised for you and that a Spice coordinator or host is present at almost every event. This fee also allows us to include public liability insurance for all events.

When you book any events or holidays as you go through the booking any credits or vocuhers you have will be shown to you to apply to your booking. You just need to choose which to apply before you pay any balance and don’t forget that it’s one voucher only per event but credits you can use as many as you like!

The personal details area allows you to provide information such as your contact address, passport, dietary requirements, health issues and event interests. Should you wish, you can also amend your payment methods using saved cards. This section is used to streamline our service and to help you get the most out of your Spice Social membership. Please rest assured that this section is private and cannot be viewed by other Spice members, nor by the public.

Should you wish, you can choose to create your own personal profile on the site, including your hobbies and interests. If you are keen to make the most of the social aspect of Spice Social, you can even add your social media links too! Our portal allows you to control your privacy, giving you the choice of what people can see. We would advise that this is especially important when it comes to your age and location. Your profile information is separate from your personal details, and that your personal details will not be displayed on your profile.

You can add yourself to the waitlist for any Spice Social event or Spice Escapes holiday if it is full or doesn’t have sufficient places to meet your booking requirements.

If a place subsequently becomes available, we will contact you to let you know, usually by email. Where practical, we will offer places to members in the order they went on the list so it is worth getting your name down quickly. However, sometimes we may have to offer places to everyone on the waitlist at once, so if you are offered a place, please act fast. If you are unsuccessful, we will leave you on the waitlist in case another place becomes available.
If you are no longer available for an event you should remove yourself from the waitlist via the Spice Social member dashboard online.


All Spice rambles, strolls and walks are designed to be fun and enjoyable as well as occasionally challenging

The walks offered generally show approximate distance in miles shown and are graded to assist you in booking the best walk suitable for your abilities. The grades are intended as a guide for experienced and fit ramblers so if you are new to rambling and/or have any doubts about your fitness level then you are strongly advised to start at the lower end of the scale i.e. Grades 4-5, rather than over-committing yourself and having problems which will affect you and the rest of the group.  Please be aware that even lower hills on easier rambles can have steep ascents.


Grade 1 – STRENUOUS: Very strenuous, mountain walking and hill climbing with steep rough ascents and descents. Some rock scrambling, fixed rope and/or snow/ice work may be involved. Suitable only for strong, fit and experienced walkers. Normally 3000-4000 ft of ascent.

Grade 2 – HARD: Strenuous mountain and hill walking on distinct paths. Ascents and descents are steep and rough. Previous hill walking experience is advisable. Normally 1000 – 3500 ft of ascent.

Grade 3 – MODERATE: Energetic walking over less difficult mountains, hills and moors following paths and tracks. Some rough ground on most walks with 1000 – 2000 ft of ascent.

Grade 4 – EASY WALKING: Walking along lower hill slopes, distinct valley tracks, and lakeside paths. Rough stony ground may occur on some walks with up to 1000 ascents. Easy to moderate pace. Suitable for reasonably fit beginners.

Grade 5 – EASY-PEASY WALKING: Walking mostly paths, fairly level at an easy pace. Good trainers OK.

All Spice Social walk leaders have experience of leading the level of walks that they host and lead for us. If you have any medical condition that might have an impact on your ability to complete the walk, you must make this known to the walk leader before the start of the walk. All walkers must ensure that they are properly equipped for the event.

For most walks, we advise you come prepared and properly suited and booted as indicated by the list below:

List of Essential Equipment :

Walking Boots with ankle support
Waterproofs: jacket and trousers
Water Bottle
Hand Sanitiser
Comfortable walking trousers (not jeans)
Head or hand torch plus spare batteries
Hat and gloves
Fleece Spare clothing
Change for car parking
Food: picnic lunch, munchies, hot drink

You may also like to carry:

Sunglasses, Lip salve, Trekking poles

Summer/good weather: – Short trousers, Sun hat, Sun-tan lotion
Winter/cold weather: – Gaiters, Balaclava, Extra layers of warm clothing

The walk leader has the responsibility to ensure the safety of the entire group, so please do not lose contact with the leader. Neither Spice Social nor the walk leader can be held responsible if a walker sustains an injury whilst out of touch with the leader.

The meeting time advertised is the actual start time of the walk, so please ensure you arrive early enough to be ready to set off at the time stated.  It is always a good idea to allow extra time for parking and to carry small change for Pay & Display car parks.  Occasionally walks will be suitable for you to take your dog.  If you are booked onto a walk and would like to take your pet, always check first with your group coordinator who will confirm if your best furry friend can join you.  If you do decide to bring your pet please ensure that you have an appropriate lead.

Safety, Security and Privacy

While no one can ever provide an absolute guarantee about the people you meet, safety and security is a huge focus for Spice Social. One of the primary ways we do this is simple – we offer hosted events. Events have a host present, who will ensure that your event is as safe, secure and private as it can possibly be.

Further to this, there is the private nature of Spice Social itself. Your Spice Social profile is only viewable to anyone that is logged in which means other members, so nobody can Google you or find your profile on the internet. Unlike social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we will never publicly share any of your personally identifiable information.

Help and Support

Our fantastic Spice Social customer support team is always happy to answer any questions you may have. Whether you have a technical issue, questions about payments or you want to know more about how Spice works, simply send us an email to or contact your local coordinator and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Whether it’s positive, negative or just suggestions for improvement, we’re always eager to receive your feedback. You can send us an email to, or fill in our contact form.

Interested in attending an online event via Zoom, but not sure how to? Follow these simple instructions and away you go!

Before joining any event check your system’s microphone and speakers are working.

Using a laptop/PC

  1. Book the event via the Spice website in the usual way.
  2. You will receive an email booking confirmation with Zoom registration link. If you booked multiple events there will be one confirmation email.  No email, check your junk folder.
  3. Click on Register. You will be emailed a link to the Zoom room.
  4. Click on this link at the Zoom Online Event start time.
  5. Some events will require a Password, this will have been emailed to you beforehand.

Using a Smart Phone or Tablet

  1. Download the Zoom Meeting App from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Book the event via the Spice website in the usual way.
  3. You will receive email booking confirmation with Zoom registration link. If you booked multiple events there will be one confirmation email. No email, check your junk folder.
  4. Click on the link – you will be asked Name, Surname and Email Address.
  5. Click on Register. You will be emailed a link and Meeting ID to the Zoom room.
  6. At the Zoom Online Event Start Time you click on the link or enter the Meeting ID as requested.
  7. Some events will require a Password, this will have been emailed to you beforehand.

You will join the waiting room on arrival until the Spice Zoom meeting starts.

For both, you will see the Zoom group gathering.