Putting in place a workplace health and wellness initiative is a long-term commitment. Increased motivation, higher staff retention, enhanced work satisfaction, and increased productivity are all immeasurable benefits. Spice Social has over 40 years of experience in the field and can give you a package to fulfil the social aspects of your company without the headache of planning.

Occupational well-being is now a topic of discussion at board level. Leaders are now expected to be concerned about their employees’ mental health. Previous years have been extremely taxing on both businesses and people. By balancing efforts now, companies can determine the hybrid policy they wish to adopt and what well-being measures to put in place -for their personnel and business. To retain and attract the best talent, incorporate equality bonding time into their schedule with team events or gatherings that will strengthen employee relationships and inject humdrum into the working calendar.

Spice Social will let your employees reconnect while working from home or transitioning back into the office. Our corporate service enables you to fill the void with small events catering to a broader range of events than a corporation could accomplish independently. We can provide both customised and off-the-shelf events. We can assist you with revising your team and re-establishing those ties. Planning regular social events, whether in the great outdoors, over a few drinks, or on a night out, will help repair connections and form solid working relationships, resulting in a happier, healthier, and more contented workforce.

Countless local and national activities are available, including walks, meals, adventure activities, weekends away and access to our worldwide holiday programme. We strive to ensure that the events are brilliantly organised and hosted so that your staff can effortlessly mingle with our current membership so that they can

  • reconnect
  • make new friendships
  • improve productivity in your company
  • improve intercommunication skills

By offering your employees access to a wealth of activities that you don’t have to plan, you are helping them achieve their work-life balance, creating a happier more resilient workforce, all at discounted rates.


Yes, someone from Spice Social will always be present to ensure smooth running!

Depends on you – brief us and we will take care of everything, or make you part of the team.

Absolutely. We will cater to your business objectives.