Flight Simulator Experience

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Saturday 24 February 13:00 - 15:00

From £47.00

Listed by Spice East Midlands


We've managed to get you an amazing deal on this SPICE exclusive flight simulator experience - a whole 30 minutes at the controls - which would normally cost £90!

Whether you're a thrill-seeker, a would be pilot or someone who would love to try flying but prefers to keep their feet on solid ground, this is a perfect event.

We'll have access to the simulator in a small group of 4 and, instructed by a fully-qualified pilot, each person will get a full 30 minutes at the controls while their fellow flyers enjoy the ride. Our total experience will be 2 hours.

To make your virtual flight as realistic as possible this Boeing 737 has a fully immersive 240 degree visual system, which covers all cockpit windows and extends in front of, to the side and even behind both pilots. You'll believe you can fly!

Virtual Flight Experience


Virtual Flight Experience offer a video of your flight recorded onto an SD card. This costs £25 which includes the SD card. If you wish to take your own photo and videos then the cost is £10.

Availability & Pricing

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Fouracres, Lutterworth Road, Wolvey Near Hinckley, LE10 3HW

Host & Everything Else

Please ensure that you arrive 20 minutes before our start time of 2.00pm. This is to ensure time for booking in and your pre-flight briefing. Please ensure that everyone over the age of 18 who will be entering the simulator brings photo ID. This is an important requirement and without it you may not be allowed access to the simulator. There is also an 18 stone weight restriction on using the simulator.

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The event was very good. The accommodation is very modern and comfortable, warm!!, the staff very professional and helpful.I would go again at a similar price. I think we got a good discount on ordinary charges.

Yes I thoroughly enjoyed. It was a taster experience well worth the money.

The event was very good.

Yes I thoroughly enjoyed. It was my first virtual flying. Venue was good. . It was a taster experience well worth the money.

" Felt like you were really flying and the pilot was so helpful and Knowledgeable. Definitely an experience worth doing!"

"The whole set up is extremely professional and everyone involved makes the

experience so realistic.The simulator is awesome and makes you realise there is a lot more to flying an aircraft than we think."

"It was so realistic that I was a little disappointed when we got off and we

weren't actually in New York!!"

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