Charity Firewalk - Cats Protection League, Birmingham

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This event has now finished and can no longer be booked. Please check event listings for similar future events.

Friday 24 November 2023 17:30 - 21:00

From £57.00

Listed by Spice West Midlands


Just like buses... you wait for one and two come at once! This is our second firewalk offering to you!

This time we are walking to raise funds for The Cat Protection League.

Note: We have to register by Tuesday 14th November so if you want to do this event you need to make sure that you are booked on by then.

What Happens on The Night: Once you have registered and everyone is ready, you will undergo a training session in a private room away from family and friends. Everyone must take part in this training, it’s the best part, and the firewalk is a bonus!

The training is based around proven motivational and psychological methods. It doesn’t involve any elements of hypnosis, spiritual training, chanting, ‘brainwashing’, voodoo or any similar methodologies. It’s great fun!

The Instructor is a world class authorised Blaze ’Fire Master’ Instructor who has undergone a minimum of 200 separate firewalking events at different locations at different times of the year and with varying weather conditions as part of the fire team before being invited to train as a Blaze Instructor.

The itinerary for the evening is as follows:

17:30 Arrival and registration of firewalkers

18.00 Training begins (90minutes)

19:00 Spectators arrive

19:30 Fire will be lit

20:00 Firewalk

20:30 Debrief and celebration

21:00 Event closes

Full training and support will be provided from instructor Karen Sterling, who has safely guided thousands of people of all ages over hot coals. Operating for over three decades, Karen is recognised as one of the most experienced firewalking instructors in the UK and Europe.

All participants must go through the private motivational psychology Fear Buster seminar called “Learn or Burn” designed to equip you with the resources to walk unharmed across 20’ of wood embers burning at 1236 degrees Fahrenheit.

For all participants, the consumption of alcohol immediately prior to training or the event is strictly prohibited.

Please note : It is essential that all walkers attend the training prior to the firewalk. If you do not attend the training, you will not be able to carry out the firewalk and we will not be able to offer you a refund. 

Friends and family are encouraged to come along and support you and the other walkers. We know that you’ll want them to take lots of photographs and video of your firewalk. Food and drinks will be available to purchase on the night and there will be live music too!

We’re sorry but friends and family won’t be allowed to watch the training.

After completing your Firewalk you will have an opportunity to celebrate and receive your certificate of achievement. You will then be able to join your family and friends, there will be food and drink available to purchase.



Full training to be able to take part in the firewalk is included and you must attend on the day, your firewalk and your Spice host.


Food and drink will be available at the venue during this event.

Location & Itinerary

Is this for me?

Blaze do everything we can to be as inclusive as possible. If you need support when walking on the firewalk that is what they are here for. One of the Blaze team walks beside every firewalker. We can have someone on either side if you wish. If we need to adapt the firewalk to enable you to take part, we can talk about all the options there are. We’ve had people taking part in our firewalks that were often told they wouldn’t be able to take part in activities.

Does it hurt? Everyone’s firewalking experience is unique. There are very obvious physical reasons why firewalking is possible. These will be explained during the training. We’ll also tell you about firewalking myths…. there lots of them. The hardest thing to overcome is the fear of taking the first step as it is a new experience!

Availability & Pricing


Not enough spaces left for you? Join the waitlist

Rowheath Pavilion, Heath Road, Birmingham, B30 1HH

Host & Everything Else

There are no special requirements regarding clothing. Casual clothing is best and something that you are not bothered if it goes up in flames! Just kidding, all you need to do is roll up the bottom of your trousers to they don’t get dirty. Tights and stockings would need to be removed before the walk itself. Your feet are going to be sooty afterwards. This is the best time to wear those odd socks we all have lingering in our sock drawer.

Please wait until after the firewalk to have your pedicure. Don’t use oil based creams and/or foot sprays on the day of the firewalk.

Wear light coloured clothing as this shows up better in photographs and videos. Blaze team wear black clothing to blend into the background of photographs and videos. We want you to stand out not us.

Please do not drink alcohol or take any recreational drugs before the event as you will not be allowed to take part and no refund will be given

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