The holiday season is typically a time for celebrations and joy. It’s time to indulge in eggnog and sing carols around the Christmas tree, a period for visiting loved ones, surprising them with gifts, and sharing a Christmas dinner. The holiday season is a time for celebration for many people, but not everyone feels the same way.

The time between Christmas and New Year can be lonely for various reasons.

It could be that this time of year is a stark reminder to them that their loved one has passed away or they are alone for whatever reason.

This does not have to be the case.

Please know that you don’t need to be alone or lonely this holiday season, especially if you don’t want to or didn’t expect to be, regardless of your reasons for being alone, whether they be sadness or relocation.

Like most others, I can attest from personal experience that sadness and loss are not feelings you can quickly “get over” or “turn off.” And even if patience and time may lessen how intense these sensations are, the loss of a loved one will always be felt very deeply.

There are things you can do this holiday season to promote healing and fight loneliness. The first step is to begin saying yes when invited to social occasions. Start with one social engagement to gauge your reaction. Then start living life to the fullest by leaving the house, getting in touch with old friends, making new ones, becoming active, and engaging in enjoyable activities.

Spice Social is the perfect environment for this, and everyone in Spice has a different story. Some have lost their life partners through divorce or death. Some have moved to another city for work and find themselves too far away to spend Christmas with their loved ones.

So how to solve this dilemma?

What’s motivating is that these people who have gone through struggle and grief are showing up at events this holiday season to ensure that other people’s lives are as rich and complete as you can.

You may find some of the upcoming Spice Social events below. Come along if you find an activity or event in your city! Being in company is always preferable to being alone, especially when that company consists of Spice members who are the closest thing to family for many people.

You can always suggest something if you don’t reside in an area with scheduled activities. All it takes is one person to make a suggestion, and others will most likely follow. Remember, you’re not just doing it for yourself; you’re doing it so that you can give the gift of companionship and friendship to other members this holiday season.

We hope the below upcoming activities inspire you to come along. And don’t forget that the first step towards a Spice Social activity can be as big or as small as you want; it’s really up to you!

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